Join us and European climate chief Frans Timmermans on Feb. 23 for an exclusive event

A special Callaway Climate Insights conference, brought to you by EY and Ibec

Dear subscribers,

Our exclusive conference with European Union Climate Commissioner Frans Timmermans is coming up on Callaway Climate Insights on Tuesday, Feb. 23, and we need your help spreading the word now.

Timmermans is widely acknowledged as the most influential figure in sustainability and climate change in the world. He will join several distinguished speakers, including Eamon Ryan, Ireland’s environment minister, to discuss Europe’s energy transition goals for 2030 and how it’s working with the incoming Biden Administration.

We are glad to join EY and European industry group Ibec in bringing you this special event.

Callaway Climate Insights readers will be able to access the link to the webinar starting at 2 p.m. GMT (9 a.m. Eastern) on Feb. 23.

We will send an email out ahead of time with the link, and details will also appear on our website.

We ask that you please share this email far and wide with your ESG and sustainability colleagues or anyone you think who might enjoy hearing about how European and U.S. climate policies are coming together, and what the major challenges are.

Timmermans is a straight talker who will share his insights on transatlantic deals, how corporations can respond to the climate crisis, and public-private partnerships. The webinar will also feature a Q&A session for our paying subscribers to submit questions, which will be collected in advance.

In addition to Timmermans and Ryan, the event will feature Danny McCoy, CEO of Ibec; Rachel Bronson, president and CEO of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists; Sarah Fay, managing director of Glasswing Ventures USA; and Marsha Vande Berg, CEO of MJV Global Insights and former CEO of the Pacific Pension and Investment Institute.

David Callaway, founder of Callaway Climate Insights, former editor of USA Today, and president of the World Editors Forum, will host the event, along with Stephen Rae, former group editor of Ireland’s largest digital and print media group, INM.

“This is a unique opportunity for our audience to engage with the most powerful climate voice in Europe, and to hear from U.S. investors and leaders what they are hoping for from the new Biden agenda,” said Callaway. “We’re grateful to EY and Ibec for the opportunity to offer this to the Callaway Climate Insights universe, along with their own distinguished clients and memberships.”