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Plus, the top ESG emerging markets funds of 2020, the top five U.S. climate stories, and an erupting volcano in Hawaii

Above, Rudolph crosses Alaska’s Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge on his way to work at the North Pole. Photo: Chelsea Arnold/USFWS.

Happy holidays. The day before we launched Callaway Climate Insights back in March, California instituted its first shelter-in-place order. For a moment, I considered delaying until the pandemic threat had passed. Nine months later, I’m glad I ignored that urge and we launched anyway.

It’s been a thrilling ride developing this newsletter for you through these chaotic times. We’ve featured great journalism from Europe, Asia, Australasia, South America, and of course, here in the U.S. We’ve looked at the stunning performance of ESG funds this year, the rocky ride of electric vehicle stocks, and the potential for dozens of new climate solutions being developed by gifted innovators.

After 40 years in journalism in global media businesses, startups, newspapers, television and digital, I’m as thrilled as I’ve ever been to write each day for you on what will certainly be the story of the next 20 years. Writing is why I got into journalism in the first place.

As I wrote last week, 2021 is going to be an epic year for so many reasons. We will be vaccinated against Covid. The Biden Administration will bring fighting climate change to the forefront of American priorities, working with European and Asian leaders. As a sign of changing times, Congress added $35 billion in renewable spending this week to its Covid stimulus bill. And Wall Street will continue to join the fight, bringing unique financing ideas and opportunities.

Callaway Climate Insights will be there every step of the way. We are getting our first intern in the new year, more editing help and some new contributors. We will develop content daily. We will be building a unique data set for climate solution investors. We will be investing in more great journalism — and journalists — from around the world to bring you fresh stories and insights as the need for climate solutions grows.

To fund this, we will introduce a subscription plan in January, that will allow you to contribute on a monthly or annual basis to our journalism. We will still have free postings, but as we grow the value of the offering, more of it will be available first to subscribers. We hope you will be part of this growth and look forward to it.

As I sit here in my study in Marin County, looking at the same view of the hills I had when we launched back in March, my mind drifts to the great wildfires nearby this summer, the rising heat and that crazy orange day when the sun never came up. Above all else, the ever-present threat of Covid. While I never left my desk, my view of the world changed this year right before my eyes. It’s been a rough ride, but looking back on it, I’m astonished how far we’ve come.

Like with everything else in 2020, the holidays won’t be the same. But we will do our best to celebrate, and look forward with hope to what comes next. A warm and safe holiday season to you all. Thanks for reading. See you Jan. 5.

— Dave

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Don’t forget to contact me directly if you have suggestions or ideas at dcallaway@callawayclimateinsights.com.

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Correction: Last Thursday’s edition contained an inaccurate number for the amount of gas produced per day in the U.S. in billion cubic feet. It is 100.

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