Thanks Tom.....we're not really trying to be climate blamers or denying....most of our readers are investors....VCs, fund managers, CEOs, and they are struggling with how to manage this developing type of risk that comes in many forms......climate change is a popular umbrella them for headlines but it's really how to manage the risk AND where to find opportunity (such as battery power or other renewable energy) that we write about. As far as I'm concerned, the climate debate is over. Now it's time to find a way to make money and manage risk in whatever new world we're entering. That's where we start off. Tks again for your thoughts, Callaway.

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You know I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt … such a great resume as a journalist, editor ( although the very political USA Today stint was something that I believe veered it off to the left … to the point where I don’t read it because I already know what they will say) , and I guess TheStreet as well… such a great career.

But… blaming everything on Climate Change, is not going to be a long lasting platform to jump off to confront the future.

That evangel is loosing steam with every knee jerk prediction or reason that is not provable.

From Ted Dansons lament about Miami being under water in 10 years , 20+ years ago… to the daily hysteria of the end of the world ( in 80-90 years) it is not winning converts.

Lies and hyperbole will kill the movement.

I have a long letter that I am editing , that asks you to consider that the truth is good enough is the proper rule for the future road.

Right now the deniers are gaining momentum, the climate extremists are looking increasingly like alarmists without proof except their feelings. ( Yes “science” is not winning out… they are looking like politicians not clinicians) .

There’s a way to make money in the middle… just be the one who tells the truth.

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