Lordstown in the dock; SEC's latest, and Earth Day arm-twisting on Wall Street

Welcome to Callaway Climate Insights. A volatile week ahead for electric vehicle stocks.

One pumped-up electric vehicle stock is a scandal. Two is a trend. That’s the reality investors — including, again, General Motors (GM) — face this week after short-seller Hindenburg Research accused high-profile electric truck maker Lordstown Motors (RIDE) of fraud in promoting pre-orders for its Endurance pickup.

Lordstown shares, already down more than half for the past month in the market’s sell-off of environmental stocks, promptly plunged Friday and were up a bit Monday after the company denied the charges and said it would release a full report on Wednesday with it quarterly earnings.

Following the scandal around Nikola Corp. (NKLA) last year, which Hindenburg also exposed for publishing a fake video of its promised electric vehicles, this is unwelcome news for EV investors. Both the iShares Self-Driving EV and Tech ETF (IDRV) and the Global X Autonomous and Electric Vehicles ETF (DRIV) were little changed Monday as investors awaited the next step. Comments by Lordstown CEO Steve Burns in The Wall Street Journal that the 100,000 pre-orders the company had noted for the Endurance before were not actually firm commitments, didn’t help its case.

In addition to casting a pall over the EV sector, the Lordstown story highlights concerns about SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies, as it was one of the three big ones last year tied to electric vehicles. Shares of the second one, Nikola, have never recovered from the drubbing they took by Hindenburg last summer. The third one, Fisker (FSR), has been holding its own in the past few days, though is still off its February highs.

And in the middle of it all again sits General Motors, which is trying its hardest to be part of the electric vehicle revolution but so far has not found the right dance partner. For investors, it’s another painful lesson that while the promise of electric vehicles is very real, not all the promises of electric vehicle makers should be bought.

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